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Scott Hubl

Rocket Launcher II Completed PICS

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Well I finished up my turning tool rack. "The Rocket Launcher II"

I still have some arranging to do and I may add some things or remove them but for the most part I have Completed my Turning Tool Organization Project.

I give you - The Rocket Launcher II, Turning Tool Rack.

Overall Shot

Closer Shot

Shelf Under Rocket Launcher II

Mini 3 Drawer Unit on Shelf

Drawer 1 (Top) Has a bunch of miscellaneous stuff as it is the shallowest drawer.

Drawer 2- Has my 2 sets of Cole Jaws Face Plates, adapters and some Robert Sorby thickness devices, and some other stuff tossed in.

Drawer 3- Has my Detail Master and burning pens for it, and my HCT-30 Wood Carver, Sorby live center with a bunch of tips for it in the black box, and my Woodcraft Collet Chuck in the gray box.

Drawer 4- Has my Chucks, Various Jaws, some face plates and adapters, and my R. Sorby round bar modular tool rests.

Drawer 5- Has my Center Saver, HF Right Angle Drill for Power Sanding , the 3520B Tool Rest Riser for turning with the 18" bed in the lower position, and some Crown tools that there just wasn't any room for(even with 65 pvc tubes), and a Dial Caliper in the gray box.

The Drawers are alot more Managable now. And I hopefully won't be finding misplaced tools laying in wet shaving getting Rusty anymore.

Thanks for looking and any comments are welcome.