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Scott Hubl

Rocket Launcher II Build (Tool Rack) PICS

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Project- Rocket Launcher II
Searching threads I recently came across Ken Whitneys Tool Rack he made in this thread, , and contacted him for more info on it. Ken was nice enough to send me more info and pics, he also posted that info and pics here for all to use.>
The "Rocket Launcher" as Ken calls it has 1 1/2" diam PVC tubes. The box is bolted onto the top of a rolling tool cart. And has five rows of 13 tubes with 12", 10", 8", and two 6" rows, so 65 tubes total. The back of the box is open and the tubes are friction fit and can be lifted out, so that shavings can be periodically removed.

I am building it and doing some Modifications to Kens original design.

I have the 5 rows of 13, using 2 rows of 6" tall tubes, the a row of 8" tubes, Then I cut the 10" tubes and decided to Add a 2" Riser under the 10" tubes, I then cut another row at 10" instead of Kens original 12", and Added a 4" Riser under that row.

Giving the back two rows Lift and some Separation.

I think Kens design has all the rows sitting on the botton of the "box" so just the tube length is different, I noticed the tools business ends all sorta close and thought the Risers would give them some Lift and help seperate the tools heights making it a little safer reaching to grab tools in the back rows.

I may adjust my Risers as needed once I start using my "Rocket Launcher II"

I am also Lifting the whole unit by placing a box with a shelf under it to store sandpaper disks, glues, and finishes plus whatever else will fit in it, this too may be Lowered if I find it places the tools on top to high for me.
I am using my Kreg K3 Master System pocket hole jig for the first time on this project so I could disassemble and recut to lower the bottom shelf unit if needed.

Heres some pics of both units Before final assembly with just clamps holding them together. I wanted to "Test Fit" everything befor I screwed them all together. I will use glue on the Rocket Launcher II unit right away, but hold off gluing the lower unit until I decide if it makes my tools to high up or not.

This will really Organize ALOT of my turning stuff.

Thanks Ken for sharing your design.

I just placed all the tools in to see how they fit and make any changes if needed, the Skews will go in sharp side down once I actually organize the tools in the rack itself.

Still have some that won't fit in the rack, I will make a small rack and mount it to the rolling cabinets side for those large heavy scrapers.

I will post a pic of both units together once they both are finished.

Thanks for lookin.