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Jack Burgess

New shop - Need advice

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Can't go wrong with the flexibility of pegboard, make sure to get the 1/4" stuff, don't know if they even sell the 1/8" anymore. For the price of drywall, you can get 1/2" OSB which will take a beating compared to drywall and you can screw stuff to it without looking for studs. I have all three in my shop, even have OSB painted and unpainted. Either works fine. Pegboard on the bottom half wouldn't get my vote. Insulating the walls?
= Ole, not sure what you recommend - did insulate with batten covered insulation - so would you NOT put the pegboard all the way to the floor. This is a center wall and will house table saw, band saw and drill press. It is a half wall inside the garage between my shop and the one car parking side.


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    I normally don't read the blog entries, but when i saw my name over an the right of the screen it got my attention, so sorry for the delay in responding. I was simply inquiring as to whether you had insulation in the walls, and if you don't, now is the time to put some in, but it looks like you have it covered. And don't you wish there was an easy way to edit the post title? Only reason for not putting pegboard all the way to the floor is that the lower four feet usually don't get many hooks, in my experience. Man you finished that quick. Looks nice.