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Ben Arnott

My Shakashima Media Cabinet Part 5

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As I continued to scratch my head over how to cut the cove on the top rails, I remembered reading about cutting coves on the table saw in Wood Magazine, by running material across the blade at an angle. The challenge then turned to essentially cutting a half cove. Because I wanted the base of the top rail to sit flush with the inset door fronts and the top rail to "cove outward" similarly to the profile of the leg flare, I had to come up with a way to support the base of the rail while the table saw blade took out material. I notched out material that would eventually become the flat part of the cove and then built a jig that would support it while the top of the rail road on the table saw behind the blade. Raised the blade up through the jig, and viola!

MC0U8122.jpg MC0U8126.jpg

MC0U8128 (1).jpg

Once I had the cove roughed out, I smoothed it with a hand plane and sand paper. Then it was on to cutting the tenons.

MC0U8224.jpg MC0U8227.jpg


With the tenons cut, I made the mortises in the legs with a 1/2 inch router bit. My mistake was not cutting the groves for my panels at this point. I didn't realize that it would have been a great time to do that, and would have saved me at least 2 or 3 disassemblies. Instead, I dry fitted the legs to the top and bottom rails moved on to building panels.

MC0U8245.jpg MC0U8263.jpg


  1. Prashun Patel's Avatar
    Really beautiful.
  2. Ben Arnott's Avatar
    Thanks Prashun!