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Jon Lanier

Segmented Pen (Part 1)

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My version of Ron McIntire’s segmented pen. This just happens to be the way I do it… that best fits how I think through the process. I’m sure there are many other variables in getting the same end.

First of all I make a checkerboard blank. The one in this Tutorial is Paduak and Maple. (It works best with contrasting colors).

The next step is to cut the sections in equal sizes. I made a ‘zero tolerance’ jig for my miter saw that helps me cut all the sections.

In order for this work without a little pieces of wood flying out, bring your miter saw down and leave it down until the blade stops turning. Then you can retrieve your section easily.

For this pen I use an 11-degree cut on a sacrificial stop block then turned it over to cut the piece. Slide in the blank and cut. For the next cut, just flip over so that the angle of the fits in to the sacrificial stop block.