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David Woodruff

Should I choose based on Dust Collector? Sawstop vs Grizzly Cabinet Saw

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Ive been borrowing a nice Jet 1.5HP 52" Contractor Saw, and its about time I return it to my cousin.

My #1 Priority is Riving Knife.
My #2 is Dust Collection.

It seems like the sawstop does both of those great but I cant pull the trigger on that price tag. The Grizzy Polar bear G0691 at 3HP for $1399 looks perfect. Great riving knife and good price for what you get.

I was about to buy it until i forgot about my number 2 priority dust collection. Last night I was making some cutting boards and trimming each edge to make sure they were perfectly square and my garage fills with dust and my shirt gets pummeled with maple, cherry, and walnut. Hate breathing that in. For the most part my 1.5HP Dust Collector gets most of the dust, but those trim cuts are brutal.

Do you think its worth an extra 1500 dollars for the fancy dust collector on the Saw Stop? (I know it comes with the sawstop feature, but thats not a priority for me). Also I use a CrossCut Sled alot and that dust collector im guessing wouldnt work when im using the sled. Whats your thoughts?


  1. Larry Matchett's Avatar
    Buy the SawStop. They are throwing in the dust collection now. This is a great saw, dust collection is great and by the way it is the safest saw on the market. Pull the trigger.
  2. charles lankford's Avatar
    I have a Sawstop cabinet model. It's a great saw… period. It’s built like a tank. It’s quite, vibration free, makes accurate cuts and it’s very safe. It will outlast me. I’ve never regretted spending the extra money.