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Joel Ficke


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The first Monday in January....that time of year when thoughts go to making resolutions and setting goals for the new year. Normally this is a fun process for short period of time as every goal seems within grasp, but this year doesn't feel that way. Maybe it's the realities that come with age and experience (some call it wisdom, but that's reaching). To be brutally honest, what's needed is a combination of realistic goals and a good kick in the pants to get them done...or maybe this approach is better

A primary problem of year's past is wanting to do too much. 2011 will be different though because choices will be focused and time management more least that's my story today, and how I've justified spending time writing this instead of carving in the shop argh! And why blog about such nonsense anyway? Well because there's nothing like public humiliation and chiding for motivation, and that's where you come in...feel free to provide a virtual kick in the pants! Of course even if I fail there appears to be good company:

So without delay, here is the big list:

2011 Goals
1) Complete a museum quality furniture piece along with video padcasts and drawings.
2) Finish a 100 mile mountain bike race (preferably the Leadville 100 if any lottery coordinators are reading) and win at least 1 comp level mountain bike age division race in WORS.
3) File a patent application.
4) And the stretch goal....compete in a horse show.

Here's to 2011 and reaching our goals for the new year .

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  1. Mike Svoma's Avatar

    I think that you will be very close, if you haven't already done so, to completing goal number 1. Your work is nothing if not amazing.

    The 100 mile race.........nah, too much like exercise, lol.

    The patent application process can be difficult and fun all in one. Good luck

    Jerry Seibel had mentioned to me the other day that you were gearing up to start showing horses this year. Good luck with that also.

    How's the school going?

    Mike Svoma
    Updated 01-05-2011 at 1:34 PM by Mike Svoma
  2. Shawn Pixley's Avatar

    Thanks for the post / blog. I like your approach much more than the typical "resolution" which is often ambiguous, or over-reaching. I am working on my own "goals" or accomplishments for the year.