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Jon Lanier

Decal Pen Tutorial (Part 2)

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(Part 2 of 3)

Now be gentle as you slide the decal off the backing and place it on your barrel. Be very gentle rubbing out any creases and bubbles. THIS A MUST!

Now let the decal dry over night or 12 hours. You may see the outline of where you cut the decal out. That is okay and there is no need for any special decal over cover liquids. We will be applying enough heat when we put our finish on that the line will melt into the CA finish.

Here you can see the two barrels Ive prepared to this point.

Now that the decal has completely dried be careful mounting it back onto the lathe. The decal can be easily be ripped at this point.

Now you need to take some thin CA and apply it with a shop towel. Quickly going over the blank as it is turning on the lathe. I then apply an accelerate. This seals a nice little top coat over the decal and protects it for the next applications of CA Glue.

I put on 3 coats of thick CA with accelerate after each coat. Some may think this is over kill but I like to be sure I dont go through and sand the decal off starting another over night wait.

After the CA Coats are applied I then Micro Mesh the barrel, 1500 12000 grits. I then use my beall buffing system. I only use the White Diamond skipping the Tripoli. Then finish off with a couple coats of Renascence Wax.

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