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  1. Jerry, That wasn't me. I haven't seen the website either. When I started on Wood Magazine forum and my name was da Yooper. I think there is another form Woodworking Talk that my name is still the da Yooper. I learned all about Yoopers, Trolls and Cheese heads when I went to Michigan Tech '80 through '84. Trolls are people from Lower Penninsula of Michigan - they live below the Mackinac bridge. Cheese heads of course are from Wisconsin. The difference is Yoopers and Cheese heads are proud of of their nicknames. Trolls are not happy with their nickname at all.

  2. Hey Rich, I thought I saw somewhere you called yourself "The Yooper." If so, have you ever seen a website called "Da Yooper"? It doesn't exist anymore that I know of, but it was about rockhounding in the UP. That wouldn't be you would it?? Jerry (in Tucson)
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