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  1. Albert - difficult to give you a solid answer as we pay operators and a workshop foreman etc m exclusive of repairs.
    I amortise my machines over 3 years at approx $8k per yr. Tanslates to about $40 a day or about $8 an hr.
    I charge about 80c a minute for cutting , I woudlnt price per min on a repetitive job , but per piece or set of pieces.
  2. Hi Rodney...Looks like you have several GCC lasers. I have had an MII for almost three years and have not had any real problems with it so far. As far as maintenance and replacement cost, what is your best guess on what it cost you per minute to run your machine? The reason I ask is that I have the chance to quote a job vector cutting a lot of small pieces. I can come up with an hourly for the shop but I want to be sure I include enough for wear and tear. I would appreciate your input.
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