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  1. Yes, be sure to introduce yourself!

    Let me know if about specific posting questions. It may be easier to communicate by email ( or phone (865-482-4698)

    I attend West Park Baptist on MiddleBrook Pike - been teaching kindergarten SS for 25 years and a large group every 4-5 weeks. We have llamas, alpacas, mini donkeys, horses, peacocks, chickens, guineas, turkey, and honeybees.

    The Frugal package has a good reputation. I've been turning about 15 years, have some students, and do a number of turning demos at clubs. Did one in Greensboro NC a few months ago, headed to Dalton, GA in a few weeks, and next month have two in Roanoke, VA. I do a bit of metalworking here, welding, machining, etc..

    We live near Clinton, perhaps we can get together one day chat and play. I have a sawmill behind the barn and lots of turning wood. I mostly prefer to turn smaller things.

    I'm 68 - I had a lot more energy back when I was 67!

  2. Hello John, I am struggling with posting. Got to get around this site some more. I am 67 years old. I am a Christian and attend Faith Promise Church. I love horses, have had them in the past. I am not a good rider. Broke to many bones. I have a Nova 1624 and getting into vacuum chucks. I ordered the fugal system. Hope I can put it together. Like to turn wood and wife likes metal sculpting. She welds and cuts and makes stuff. We will talk the 21first, God bless you, see you there, Roger.
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