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  1. I'd be happy to, Jim. I make a couple of different styles so you need to tell me which one you're thinking of, but all of them are about 10.5" to 11" long. The head (from the end to the narrowest part of the handle) is about 5" long - the handle makes up the rest. But that dimension is approximate - sometime it's a bit more than 5". The biggest part of the head is about 2.5" in diameter. That changes depending on how heavy you want the mallet to be. I do the taper to the small end of the head by eye - I just cut until I think it looks right. Eyeballing a couple of my mallets, the small end is about 2" or a bit more than 2" (definitely not smaller than 2"). The handle is really "to fit". The best way to size it is to cut the basic shape and make it too big. Grab it with your hand (while it's on your lathe but not turning - but if you want, take it off to get a better feel). Go back and trim some more until you get the shape and size you want. I found that it took me several mallets to get a handle I liked. And I had to use the mallet for a while to decide if I liked it. If you start with a handle that's too big - and you leave the center point at the bottom of the handle - you can put it back on your lathe by chucking the head in a chuck and turning down the handle. If too small, you have to make another mallet.

    Good luck! If you encounter any questions while you're doing it, please contact me.

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