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  1. Yes, I do have it plugged into the port opposite the power.
  2. Dee, do you have the router (wall jack) plugged into the port on the Netgear opposite pf the Netgear's power plug? It should go into the 5th port (far right)--looking at the back of the Netgear.
  3. Hi Scott, Dee here..
    I have done the wiring for my ethernet connection and it works out of the wall (yay!) connecting my computer to the net. But when I plug into the Netgear FS605 I get "server not found". Do you think I have a bad switch? I'm using 3 foot patch cords (factory made) so I can't blame my bad wiring skills for this. I tried going online to Netgear, but their help doesn't cover my problem. All of the lights stay on all the time (power plus 5 ports) even when nothing is plugged in... is this wrong?

    Thanks for any insight you might have on this, dee
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