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  1. How are you holding up?

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    Most of us Americans are like the rest of the World - we've never been anywhere else, and find the shock of rapid changes disorienting.

    Those of us that have lived outside the country (three years in Mainland China and Taiwan for me - a lifetime ago) might have a distinct take on public health concerns.

    I sat my boys down last January to at least talk about what to do if the power went out; where to shut off the house water supply if there was a leak, where to go if they couldn't reach us by phone, etc.

    I felt better afterwards, but they're still incredulous.

    That's a measure of how well things are going : OUR kids can't imagine things going sideways.

    Things will get better.

    Keep your stick on the ice, I'm pulling for you.

    Jim in Taxachusetts
  3. I read your most recent Covid post with some concern.

    You hit on precisely why being a parent in America is nearly impossible. (I've got two sons, in high school.)

    Public schools are essentially warehouses, so that working people have a place to park their kids.

    There's no backup, when schools close.

    The generation preceeding us is either distant by geography (*we* moved to follow work opportunities) or distant due to indifference. They don't offer us assistance the way their parents or Grandparents could.

    That leaves young families in the lurch.

    You're absolutely right about your assessment of Men being isolated - few of us maintain friendships outside of our work colleagues. This is where Women maintain a social advantage.

    I hope you take some solace in this community (such as it is) which provides a measure of comfort to those of us much like yourself - in search of Fraternity found it here.


    End pt1
  4. You walk a fine line, here.

    We're each post subject to a $.02 "site maintenance fee" most of the repetition would vanish, as would the sniping.

    I theorize the most prolific are insomniacs, or just lonely.
  5. Jessica the Bore:

    She's tedious, and brings little to The Party.
    Enough, already.
  6. The endless sharpening threads, and acrimonious responses are my main reasons for avoiding "public" posts at SMC.

    There's an inverse relationship between how number of entries regarding sharpening and hours engaged in making furniture.
  7. What size mortising chisels are you after? I've got spares: mortising by hand wrecks my elbow.

    Jim in Westport, MA
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