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  1. Thanks for the information Tim. I will give it a good look in the near future!!
    Be well !

  2. James,

    I'm sort of the default genealogist for our branch of the family, although I've fallen behind of late. Some links to resources that I found useful are here (you can see I haven't updated the page for 6 years):

    I can trace our branch back to Henry Tibbetts' arrival in Dover NH in the early 17th century. We ended up on Tibbetts Hill in Brookfield NH, my dad was the last Tibbetts born there. The Washington state branch broke off from the Tibbetts Hill branch (as best as I can tell) in the mid 19th century, and came out here to the Issaquah area. I have noticed a number of "enclaves" of Tibbetts families stretching from Main down to your neck of the woods - but haven't really followed any of the linkages - just the one that came out here, since this is where I ended up relocating 30+ years ago.

    Perhaps we can have a Tibbetts "reunion" at one of the AAW symposiums or regional meetings some year!

  3. Hi James - my apologies for such a late response. I just noticed your message now! I currently live southeast of Seattle, but am originally from NH. I have a brother named James who still lives there. How about you?
  4. Hi Tim. Always interested in meeting folks with the same last name. Where are you from?
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