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  1. very cool! well I hope you have some great projects to put those chisels to use : )
  2. Kikuhiromaru chisels were just ok for me....nothing special at all.
  3. thanks for the pic and website!! I am in Germany as well. stuttgart! where are you guys?
  4. Hey Jessica,
    Thats cool that your dad worked in Japan. I apprenticed with a Japanese carpentry company for 4.5 years in Seattle. I also just received a Visa for japan to work there in 2019 with some carpenters I know. Its great to see other Japanese tool enthusiasts and woodworkers. Is your dad still doing this work and may I ask where you guys are located. Also sorry for so many requests but if you dont mind would you send a pic with makers mark of your chisels that Stan sells? Thank you Kindly
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