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  1. Thank you for your generosity in publicizing this excellent man and his products.

    It's a testament to the sort of people I admire, highly skilled and quick to acknowledge those that help them. (Re: David Weaver).

    I favorably compare this sort of writing to the high handed dogma of Paul Sellers; who has 'the Knowledge' but treats it as if it were property.

    The best in our hobby are giving away ideas to the willing, and making a living from it.

    (Re: The inestimable David Charlesworth who makes videos that put me to sleep.)

    It's a paradox.

    Both Steve Voigt and Ron Bontz were good enough to make some of my favorite tools when they were just starting out.

    I wonder how many others began on the Sawmillcreek circle?

    Congratulations on your website, it's easy to follow and full of interesting approaches to universal problems.

  2. How is your work viewed? With admiration by those of us that actually make things. Moreover, you have been generous in illustrating your methods and demonstrating consistent improvement.

    I build things in my own house, for the use of my family members. The exceptions are chairs, which outstrip my skills and try my patience.

    Westport, MA
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