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  1. Hi John,

    I used spiral duct at my shop. It was pricey but I like it. I also like how easily reusable it is (the duct and the fittings).

    I started off with my dust collector mounted on Oneida's stand. I had a couple of wedge shaped wood strips under the legs to account for the downward slope of my shop (which is a 2 car garage). Kept it like that a few years then wall mounted (with Oneida's wall mount bracket) it to gain some height and eliminate a couple of 90 degree elbows in the ducting system.
  2. I also got 2 inch casters from HD and mounted and sealed them as you did. Then I found the drum would not roll under the braces on the stand. So, I moved the gussets up 2 inches. It works fine.

    Did you use 6 inch pCV? If so, how did you attach the PCV to the 7 inch connection on the V3000?
  3. Hi John,

    I used 4 casters. I'd say about a 2" caster. I bought them from Home Depot. Yes I did just drill the bottom of the drum for machine screws, nuts, lock washers to mount them. I used clear silicone caulk to seal up the holes.

    I don't know that it's really necessary but I like it ok with the castors on the drum.

    Good luck with it.

  4. You said:
    "2) Fiber or Steel drum - I went with steel. I mounted some small casters to the bottom of the drum to roll it out from under the cyclone when I'm changing the bags. I don't think it matters much. "

    How many casters? What size? Did you just drill holes in the bottom of the drum to mount them?

    It looks like I have ordered the identical setup except that I will have the resin cone . I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.
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