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  1. Lead on John Strawn :

    There's a John Strawn in Phoenix, Arizona.
  2. I'm "Mr. Mom" to a 14 year old and 11 year old, both in new braces - my shop time has vanished.

    I wish to encourage generous souls like yourself.
    Some of us are grateful for your efforts, on our behalf. The endless rehash of essential topics is a natural cycle in open forums.

    It's why people like me move on.

    Best regards,
    Jim in "Starrett country"
  3. Thanks for the kind words Jim. I did wonder where you had got to!

    Best regards

  4. Kudos on your sharpening post. You're more patient than most. In large part this endless wrangle is why I no longer openly engage in fora.

    The excellence of your furniture should end pointless whinging about what obviously works.

    FWIW - my copy of Leonard Lee's sharpening guidance stands the test of time.

    All the best to you and yours,
    Jim from Massachusetts USA
  5. Thanks for that Jim. That confirms what I strongly suspected.

    When WR planes came out, and the discussions erupted on a couple of forums, I was also getting some of the inside info from Rob Lee. The whole deal soured me on Woodcraft, and I still will not purchase anything from them (not that they are aware or fussed by this )


  6. The prototypes still had LN casting marks on them, it was a simple betrayal by the Woodcraft management. When I learned the sordid truth of this from one of the LN staff, I was outraged. That product line lent credibility to the Woodcraft name. Now, they're a nicer version of Harbor Freight.

    This sort of malfeasance should be exposed for what it is, but large companies have legal staff to punish small challengers.
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