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  1. Bill, I'm headed out to Southern California tomorrow. Will be back Friday evening. If you know where the firestation and Golden Eagle Distributor's is, the trees are in the area between them.. I believe they are going to haul off the trees on Thursday. They don't have a problem with anyone taking the wood, just make sure you wear a hardhat. My phone number is 390-1494 cell.... Call me for any questions you may have...
    I didn't see your reply until about 15 minutes ago.
    I went out there today, and cut up pretty much all the tree trunks, so anyone taking wood will have it much easier than me..... I also drove by your business about 1pm today, and it was closed up. You not open on Monday's????? Call me..... Jerry
  2. Absolutely! How would you like to meet up?
  3. Bill, do you need or want some green Mesuite, 10"-16" od, about 8' long?? I have permission to collect all I want, and yesterday got a log over 12" od and about 10 feet long. There is still 3 trees left in the pile. There is some olive in there also, but I got the root ball...... This needs to be done Monday, or if it's still there after Thursday, then it can be taken then..... Let me know...... The only requirement to taking the wood is to wear a hard hat on the site....... Jerry (in Tucson)
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