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  1. Dick,
    Thanks for the offer, I did think about it but decided to see the Epilog rep and see what they have... the cost might scare me away. The thought is to engrave the handles with a laser because I can't do it on the mill and maybe take it to shows.

  2. Would you be interested in a used laser? I had this listed on Wood Central late last year. No takers, so am now asking $6,000. Might be willing to take some tools as partial payment.

    1996 Universal laser engraver, factory refurbished in 10-2002 with new laser and updated drivers. 12"x24" bed, by 7" height capacity. Measured 30 watts at the time. Includes 2" lens, 1 1/2" lens, rotary attachment with pen mandrel, computer with Corel 9, lots of Dover clip art books, and Art Explosion 600,000 vector and raster images on 15 cd's. Just replaced the x axis motor with Universal Laser part. Absolutely nothing wrong with the unit. If you pick it up in Peoria, IL, I'll give you some training. Manuals for the laser, instruction book for Corel. I paid $9500 just for the laser in 12-2002. Asking $6900 for the package.
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