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  1. Yup, small world for sure. We live at 5614 North Renwood. We're on the corner of Renwood and Orlando. We bought the house since the kids only had to walk a block up Orlando, then be on the ball field at Rolling Acres School. Our daughter went there, but when our son started school, they converted Rolling Acres School to a middle school, and he had to go to Northmoor School. The neighborhood has slipped a little in recent years with more renters than ever before. We had our house broken into a few years ago, but generally still feel good about the place. There is only one widow across the street that has been here longer than us. Never thought we would be the old couple in the neighborhood when we bought the house.
    Take care, Rich
  2. I lived at 5509 North Renwood, in Rolling Acers. My last place of employment was Montgomery Elevator Co. Small world isn't it. I am not in contact with anyone there anymore. All my buddies are gone. Bill Ross worked at Cat from 1972 until his death in the 80's.
    Stay in touch. Brian
  3. Hi Brian,
    I moved here in '75 to work at Caterpillar as a draftsman. I was raised on a farm about 30 miles south. Both my kids graduated from Richwoods, classes of 94 and 98, and we live about 3 miles from there in a subdivision called Rolling Acres. It runs up to Northmoor Rd, which you might remember runs right in front of Richwoods. I graduated from Hartsburg-Emden High School, class of 70, so you have me by a couple years. Take care, Richard
  4. Hello Richard, I noticed you live in Peoria. I grew up there but left in 1968, Richwoods class of 1967.
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