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  1. GOOD POST !!! Do statements like that come up often ?
  2. If I go with a full raised panel, I will do them on a router table. I made a few doors for the cabinets in the great room that came out good. It is a bit scarry when you first see that huge raised panel bit spinning .... LOL. I am also looking at triming out 3/4 oak plywood with mouldings to give it a raised panel look. Not sure which way to go. My brother in law and I went to a lumber mill in Ohio last year (Yodder Lumber) and he bought some oak at a good price, so I may head down there to pick up some wood if I go solid wood raised panels - just need to work out the cost and work difference. What do you think ?
  3. I did see him on there the other day - not sure if it is the same person or not. Glad to see that the cherry panels are holding and you are going forward. I am going to be doing some work around the house - crown molding and I think raised panel wainscoating in the hallway. This on top of finishing the basement should keep me busy ... LOL. I did get the Uni put together on Sunday and made my first cuts : ) Not sure of the creek protocall - do I need to post anything else - I did already post that I was buying the saw.
  4. Hey Bob - you know ever since you got me looking at the creek I seem to be on it every day ! There is really a lot of information on this and also what seems to be some nice people ! Any wood working projects going on ? Doug
  5. Have you seen the thread today re: Grizzly customer service? You should look at it before making your decision. (Also curious if you avoid posting on it as it gets into QC philosophy.)

    BTW, Creek board protocol is that once you make your decision, you should post it.
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