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  1. (Part 2) I do not like this machine and do not want it. It is cheaply made, has no handle, easily slops water outside the tight-fitting water tray, thin cheesey plastic bushings fall off the jigs, and the motor is undersized (it will come to a stop with even a moderate amount of pressure bearing down on the grinding wheel). I have used a Tormek and can say without hesitation that it is overpriced - but it does not suffer from any of these shortcomings. This grizzly wet grinder was a big purchasing mistake. I would have realized this had I been able to review the product first hand (not possible since it's internet only), but now that I've used it, I am stuck with this thing. I am concluding that it is too risky for me to buy further products from Grizzly. Be advised that I will check in from time to time over the years to see if the Grizzly return policies are modernized. But until that time I will take my business elsewhere.
  2. (Part 1) Dear Mr. Balolia - I can't find any other way to get a message directly to you (you should solve that) and wanted to explain why I will not be buying any further products from Grizzly.
    I have a grizzly jointer (4 years ago) and am very happy with it. Now, when I consider the otrageous price for a Tormek wet grinder I do my due diligence (prior Grizzly experience with the jointer, read reviews, ask around, read posts on forums like this one, etc.) and decide to get the well-touted German-made 10" Grizzly wet grinder. I received it and as I began assembling it, I became concerned about the quality: plastic bushings, plastic wheel hubs, un-polished chrome arms, flimsy cheap jigs, etc. But I gave the benefit of the doubt to Grizzly. Then I made my ultimate mistake...I tried it out. This now means I cannot return it, per Grizzly policy, despite appeals to customer service. (see part 2)
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