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  1. Joe -

    Clarification on my Sketchup model: I actually ordered the 80" length. The model depicts the full +/- wagon travel, not the static wagon size. I found this easier to use in laying out the shop.

    You mentioned earlier that you liked the high-speed router spindle. My local sales rep (Carl) does not recommend this spindle, but it seems like a good idea to me. Do you actually prefer using this spindle to a dedicated router station, or do you have a separate router table also?
    Did you order a power-feeder for the shaper? If so, which model do you recommend? Please send a list of recommended shaper and saw options.

    Thanks again for your help.
  2. Joe -

    Thanks for the replies below. I am about to place my order for the KF700S: 1100 outrigger and 31" rip since I've limited space in the garage. The slider is 80" - should be fine for nearly all of my work and I can still plan to use the Festool for the occassional full-sheet rip.

    Interesting comments about the router spindle, since I have a router built into the extension on my current contractor saw and I would like to avoid a separate router table if possible. A sketchup model of my shop setup is available at

    I was planning to order the fine-adjust, 31" rip fence. Do you think that's worthwhile, or should I just ignore any rip fence upgrades? I have the Incra fence now and love it, but I'm hoping to repurpose it as a parallel rip guide similar to that used by Sam Blasco. Your thoughts?

    Thanks again,
  3. - I got the router spindle - WOW, this makes the Felder the ultimate router table. Must have.
    - I had a 3/4" spindle on my old shaper and I decided with the move to the big Felder that I would change from 3/4" bore cutters to bigger pro size cutters.
    - I decided to go with the 1 1/4" spindle for the shaper instead of the 30mm because in the US 1 1/4" shaper cutters are much more common. I have bought most of what I need from ebay at great discounts from new

    Send me your email and I'll forward my options list if you are interested.
  4. - Digital raise and lower on both saw and shaper
    - variable speed for saw and shaper
    - I got the 1500 Outrigger but honestly in my smaller shop the 1300 might have been better
    - I got the outrigger cart to store the outrigger on the assumption that I'd only use it occasionally. I haven't removed it since the saw was set up. I'm not thinking of selling it.
    - I got the smaller crosscut fence too and I have barely used it. the idea was that I would use this fence most of the time and the large outrigger only for sheet goods.
    - I got a 31" wide rip capacity because my shop space is tight and I planned to use the slider for ripping. This has worked well, but if you get a shorter slide, I think you need the wide rip capacity.
  5. Sorry, I didn't know about the visitor message section. I read a lot about what to order when gettting a slider and got a lot of the same replies. Basically most said that when you ask someone why they are selling their used one it's because they didn't get what they wanted when ordering new. Also, when I ordered I was able to get a really good discount on upgrades. I kind or tossed the budget out the window and ordered everything that sounded good. Also, are you 100% certain on the slider length? Now that I have a slider, I haven't used the rip fence in like 6 months. I cut everything with the slider. I bought a 9 ft slider on the stong advice from owners. this is so I can have the fence and clamps on the slide and do an 8ft plywood edge.
  6. Hello Joe -

    I am considering the purchase of the KF700S and saw that you have a KF700SP. Since virtually everything from Felder is optional, what "options" do you consider most worthwhile now that you've had your system for a while? For instance, should I spring for the power feeder immediately and is the standard 80" slider too short?

    Thanks in advance.
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