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  1. I'm glad that you feel comfortable at this forum. I've been here a while, and the folks are pretty open mined about carving. I still appreciate you blog, because you and Doris collaborate so well in getting hard to describe information in a simple form. For instance, learning to see. That's not an easy subject to explain, but between the two of you, you managed to allow me to learn.
  2. Pester me more???? You didn't have to,, you completed them beautifully! Besides that's what I'm here,,and at my blog for. You have good solid questions that deserve an answer. Like I said, you've learned more in a few posts because you are GENUINELY interested so I have NO problem answering you in any way I can.
    Now, if you have a question I can post some photo's here where I couldn't do it gracefully on the blog to further the explanations. All , hopefully can gain and contribute. At least that's my hope in being here.
  3. Glad to have you here, Mark! I didn't want to pester you more with the grapes, you helped me so much as it is. You are an asset to the forum!
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