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  1. Just a decent saw in trade will be satisfactory, thanks. I'll get things boxed up this week and post tracking info. Jim
  2. From you thanks for your message. It's super generous of you to offer all those saws! I would be thrilled to have them, only on the condition you let me Send you something in return you're looking for maybe a smaller saw?

    My address is 1664 Fisherman Dr., Carlsbad, CA 92011. Please let me know packaging/shipping cost etc. and I'll either send you a check or PayPal whatever is best for you.

    The timing of your generous offer is great, I am donating some sauce to the Woodworking program at our local local community college and these will come in very handy.

    Thanks again! All the best, Mike
  3. Thinning the herd in Massachusetts...

    Jim from Westport, MA here.
    I have a thirteen gallon trash can full of someday saws, and a full till of my users.

    I still have the plate to accept the replacement handle you sent me some years back - not finished.

    I would like to send you the lot, for disposition as you see fit.

    These things just fall out of trees around here.

    I prefer smaller saws, and most of these are 25" or longer. I can snap picks of the hoard, if you like.

    Jim Andrews
    Westport, MA

    anji12305 at yahoo dot com
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