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  1. Jim, I will buy the vise.
  2. Jim, I am a pilot and am able to travel most places in U.S. free. How far are you fromDFW?
  3. Glen,
    I'm located in N.W. Fort Worth, Just North of Meacham Airport and S. of Alliance Airport, W. of DFW Airport
    Where are you located?
    I also rec'd another inquiry from a local member prior to yours.
    I would really hate to see you bear the cost of flying to get the vise.
    I'm reluctant to ship as I previously had a bad experience with FedEx with a Tormex 2000 that was double boxed in the same packaging that a new Tormex T-7 was shipped to me. They tried to deny the claim because they didn't package it for me. FedEx finally settled the claim after I sent photos of it being package and the condition the buyer received. If you really are set on the vise we can work out something that is cost effective.
  4. Jim, I want the vise. Which airport are you close to. I will fly in to pick up.
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