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  1. Hi Bill-my apologies for not reading this message sooner! But I want to belatedly reach out and say thank you for your supportive words, they are very much appreciative. As you can probably tell, I do tend to shy away from woodworking message boards and haven’t been back to Sawmillcreek for quite awhile. Mostly because I am mom to a very demanding 11-yr old daughter and have not been able to indulge in my hobby as often as I would like. Also my shop is in 1/2 of our detached garage. It is not insulated and trying to work in the summer heat was unbearable! Now dealing with the cold and 3 space heaters are still not keeping my fingers from turning blue! But I am getting out there again whenever I can. Also, thank you for the invite to the Barn! I am on the Eastside once in awhile and will keep your number handy the next time I find myself in your neck-of-the-woods! Thanks again-Cindy
  2. Cindy,
    Never be hesitant to say or do anything because of your sex, especially here on SMC. My wife was, and still is, a very talented woodworker although she has a renewed interest in sewing and embroidery. I have never seen anything even close to sexism here at the Creek. If you are ever out and about on the Eastside feel free to stop by the Barn and visit. My cell is (206) 310-2152.
    Regards - Bill
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