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  1. Hi Don,

    Been a while since we talked. Hope you are doing good. It has been a very busy work year for me so I have had very little time in the shop, I have 2 weeks off around Thanksgiving so hoping to get some time in then. Planning on making some new shop tables near my miter station to replace the old ones. These will have drawers where as the old tables didnt. Should help with storing large items like the miter sled and the dovetail jig.

    I was on craigslist today and saw something that made me think of you. It was a benchdog "top of the line router table" with bench dog lift and PC Router. Near new condition and selling for $500. I'm sure it had a nice top but I wonder if it included that nice BB cabinet that Benchdog sells?

    If interested, it's listed under Powermatic. Someone is selling several nice pieces that included a couple from Powermatic. It's a very good ad. You could buy half a shop or more of creampuff tools off that ad. Said was selling for lack of interest.
  2. Don,

    Hi Don,

    I can use the clamps. Thanks for thinking of me (again).

    Which router table would you use for that fence?

    I suppose I need to be thinking about a lift and a router also.

  3. Don,

    The fence is safe and sound. Thanks again for your generosity.

  4. Don,

    Friday will be fine. I wont be there as I'll be at work. My wife or daughter may be there depending on what time you come by. Please come by at whatever time is good for you. If someones home great, If not it will be safe enough on the front porch (thats what Fedex and UPS do anyway).

    Thanks again for thinking of me. What goes around comes around dosent it?

  5. Don,

    Sorry I havent replied to you in a few days. I guess I'm not too good at visitor messages. I didnt know I needed to visit your place to see your responses. I would have thought when you send a message it is available to be viewed from both locations. I didnt know you had replied to my message of 10-18-10.

    I have managed to get myself sick this week (Bronchitis). It's pretty bad. If it's ok with you can we wait a few days to get together about the fence.

  6. Don,

    Thanks for thinking of me. I'd love to have the fence. I've been thinking of putting a router table together. From what I've seen of them I like Bench Dog Products.

    Please advise how you would like to get together, I am willing to come to your place to pick it up or you are of course welcome to come here.

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