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  1. Mike,
    I am a Connecticut mural artist. I don't do any woodworking of any kind, but I was recently surfing the web looking for giant french curves and stumbled onto a post to this website in which you inquired about them (and subsequently received replies about ships curves and other tools).

    Did you ever acquire the large french curves you were looking for? I have a mural job coming up that would be much easier if I had some large curved tools to help me out: giant french curve, ships curves or blending curves. Ideally, I'd like to borrow them or rent them for a small fee -- the mural is actually for charity, so I am not making any $$ on it.

    I noticed you are in CT and thought maybe you could help! Feel free to send me a message via this site or e-mail me directly at

    Thanks for your time and attention!

    - Darren
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