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  1. Larry

    The key to a bandsaw is power and weight. The machine needs to have as much power, size of motor, as you can get. Look for heavy machines, but specifically look at the wheels and the weight. A cast iron wheel will have much more rotational energy and mass than an aluminum. Heavier machine also have heavier construction and trunnions.
    The bigger bandsaws have flat wheels, as opposed to the smaller 14" type that generally have crowned wheels.
    if you're turning, you'll be cutting some big blanks someday, which means that you are going to need some height at the throat.
    Bowl blanks also tend to be cut green and cured, so the need for power is even more pronounced.

    Here is my original review of the Rikon model 10-340.

    Take care
    Mike Cutler
  2. mike,
    Iwas reading some threads about bandsaws and you were mentioned by Syd L. "It is Unreal what he (you) do with his rikon". It sounds like Syd took a ride down to your shop and you really gave him a great tour around the machine. Although the post is dated in 2004 I was wondering if the info is still valid. I was not able to find the threads by you about the Bandsaw so I decided to write you directly.
    Thank you for taking time
    Larry Graves.
    PS I have been turning about a year but I am hooked. I need a bandsaw and I know the importance of buying it good the first time. I hope you can help.
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