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  1. Hi Peter,
    A few months ago I emailed you about the Triton lumber storage, and just last week I was finally able to mount it. I anchored pressure-treated 4x4s to the basement wall (poured concreted without a hammer drill!) with Redheads, having bolted the system onto the 4x4s. So far it seems pretty good, though I worry that the bolts (only 3 per brace) aren't terribly big and might not be suitable to hold the full weight Triton says the system will hold. Pretty big pain overall, but at least my lumber is off the floor! Any luck with yours?

    Best wishes,
  2. Jay,
    Never put them up. Still have them just haven't found a way I could drill for the anchors accurately enough. Was thinking of attaching them to a 2 X 6 then attach that to the wall. Let me know how you make out
  3. Hi Peter,
    I came across your post of 2 years past regarding mounting the Triton lumber storage system into concrete and was wondering if you ever found any luck with it. I've been trying to mount mine (for about a week now), but to no avail -- my most recent failure has been with the Tapcon concrete screws, which Triton seemed to indicate should work. Did you end up going with the Redheads? I think those might be my last resort. Thank you for any help you're able to provide. Happy Holidays!

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