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  1. Hey Peter, thanks a lot for your detailed thoughts!
    A few more questions, if you'd be so kind:

    - Is the rip fence accurate and does it confidently square when locked? I noticed that it doesn't run on the robust rails that the SC2 does, and it's important to me that the piece be robust. Also, I believe the rip fence is removable, but is it also possible to slide it partly out of the way towards the front of the machine?
    -Not sure what type of work you do, but have you ever felt limited with the 21" rip capacity? I haven't worked with a slider at all, so maybe some of those limitations are offset by working on the left of the blade with the slider.
    -What is the longest crosscut or rip you can make with the slider itself? I understand that some have made jigs to extend the useful length of the slider, but I'm curious what you're experience has been.
    -Did you buy an additional hold down clamp for the sliding table?

    Thanks so much, I value your time and thoughts!

  2. Kyle - the build quality of the C26 is great and I've been more than pleased with my one so far. Few notes:

    Due to the way the fence is designed, the narrowest cut is just slightly over 1 1/2". This really isn't a big deal as a Fritz and Franz jig can be made for narrow rips.

    The crosscut fence on the outrigger is set up as a two-point type system with a crummy stop which I don't care for. I would strongly recommend ordering a flag stop along with the machine, see below.

    I'd also recommend ordering the alternate shaper guard

    There's also a miter fence that is useful for picture frames and smaller items.

    Slot morticer as well if you don't already have a Domino XL.

    The machine is a great space-saver in my tiny 12' x 14' shop space, very happy with mine!

    Let me know any other q's.

  3. Hey Peter, I've traded e-mails with Sam Blasco at MM regarding the c26 G, which I believe you own. Sam told me there is no one local who owns one that I can get my hands on. That being said, what are your initial thoughts after a few months?
    -Build quality
    -Small rip capacity to the right of the blade
    -Any other issues thus far

    Really curious to hear your thoughts, and I'd appreciate your time as this is a big investment and it is tough to find many people who own these.

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