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  1. Please consider instating some basic classified listing rules:

    Some minimum activity *before* selling items. Verification of the listing by the seller - through their originating contact email, rather than PM.
    (Ebay is forever combating hijacked listings.)

    A clearly stated price and location.

    Charge a nominal fee to offset operating costs, in addition to dues.

    There have been multiple "fishing" ads of late, where sellers either are unfamiliar with reasonable values and/or no real connection to our mutual hobby.

    Westport, MA
  2. On the blue menu bar at the top of every page is a Donate Link in yellow text. The link will provide both PayPal information and a physical postal address for those who prefer to send a check via snail mail.

  3. Membership dues - where to pay them?

    I'm on an Android tablet and can't send funds.

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