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  1. The front door sounds like a great project! I would look int Epifanes clear varnish. I have not used it myself, but dad and I rebuilt the mahogany console for his classic Boston Whaler, and that is the product I plan to use. It can be sprayed with propper thinning. The sole importer/distributor is actually based in coastal Maine. Good Luck!

  2. Nick,
    I am finishing a new mahanogy outside door. After staining, I need to put a top coat on. What do you recommend? Oil spar varnish or one of the water polys? It is the front door to our Chatham home and it faces east, so it will get pretty tough sun exposure each day.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  3. Nick,
    Have a great Thanksgiving. If you are in Chatham, stop by and I will show off my shop.
    Ed Gibbons Sr.

    PS Ed is getting married April 4.
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