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  1. Zach,
    You are near Johnson lumber are you not? I am jealous, had the chance to stop by several times when traveling for business. neat place.

    As regards to the furniture I build, it is mostly queen anne. I have an album up of my spice boxes that I made as Christmas gifts this last year. Currently working on a reproduction of a lowboy I saw at the DeWitt Wallace museum in Colonial Williamsburg. Still drawing up the carving which is what really attracted me to the piece, I have most of the mahogany I need, I think. Need to really measure out the 12/4 stock I have to see if it is enough, otherwise I will need to make a visit out to Armstrong lumber.
  2. Mike,

    I'm in Charlotte, which is about 15 minutes Southwest of Lansing. What kind of woodwork do you do?

  3. Zach,
    Whereabouts in Michigan are you located?
    I am in Clinton Township, near Mt Clemens.
  4. Mike,

    I'm just trying to connect with some fellow Michigan woodworkers.


  5. Zach,
    While I am pleased to be asked to be your friend, I must admit I do not recall having conversed with you before. What drives you to wish to be my friend?
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