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  1. Spare Marples chisels available
  2. "I am now 100% on solar power. I got rid of all paper publications for electronic versions. I moved into town and cut my commute in half. I am doing what I can."

    Good man. It's the way forward.

    Me, I'm on a kick to reduce our single usage plastic trash.

    My kids think I'm crazy.
  3. Your off topic post revealed a few things:

    The split between acceptance and denial is about 95:1 3% are unconvinced 1% can't be bothered. Those of us that accept our role (and responsibility) in causing the champnge in climate span all ages in the forum.

    Those in denial are uniformly over 60, mostly over 70.

    The way forward will be by young people pushing the deadweight overboard.

    For me, the solution is less: less activity, less stuff and less of me.

    Never in my lifetime did I anticipate honeybees or snow (do you remember snow?) would be rarities.

    Jim, along the Northern Atlantic
  4. Kudos on the bench.
    The threaded adjustment for the planing stop is clever.

    Jim in Massachusetts
  5. FYI - the SMC interface doesn't notify me of messages in this chain. I've migrated to the World's largest portable phone, running Android.

    If my response is delayed, it's only because my memory isn't prompting me... we're dealing with frequent basement flooding and that clears the deck of other concerns.

  6. All good, thanks! My wife thinks I'm better looking, I think I'm thinner and my boys think I'm smarter.

    The chicken seasoning was a hit.

    Things got real quiet at dinner, that night.

    Best regards,
  7. Thanks, Malcolm.

    I hope Terry's plane serves, it's a wonder.

  8. I can try to send some patties but they may not let me ship fresh prepared foods. I'll find a way.
  9. I'm fine with treats fron the islands. My wife asked about local Jamaican patties, if you can ship some.

    I'm reducing everything I own, 10% each year.
    Tools, I've got in excess.

    Best regards,
  10. Hello Jim,

    I just got the plane, and wow- this is really nice. I have a care package for you, but am still trying to get a few additional items- so far I have a lot of spices from Grenada (the "Spice Isle"), and some from Trinidad. Also some Bay Rum (NOT For drinking- for aftershave), some local hot sauce, and a rum cake (the rum bakes off so it won't make you drunk- don't worry.) Trying to get some locally made coconut oil, and also sending some mahogany. I know you are trying to limit your tool collection, but do you have any use for a Stanley #79 side rabbet plane? Since I got the LN 98 and 99 set, I no longer use the Stanley. This HNT Gordon Plane is really nice, and I can't have a good conscious just trading you some spices and hot sauces!
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