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  1. Dear Mr.Rodney

    I am almost ready to order from the SH-570 (700X500) 60W motorized table. The problem is that I am totally rookie about laser machines (I trying to start now my business) and I would like to advise me some thinks if you can.
    You have to know that most I am going to make cut and engraving in Plexiglas 3mm & 5mm at least for now but later on I will engrave in cylinder too in materials like water glass coffee cup and so. That’s why I want to order the “irregular rotary” as they called.
    I have seen In your post to advise to order different lens. So I ask them about the lens diameter and they answer to me that it is 18mm diameter 40mm focus length is it ok with it? Do I must order something else too (how much diameter & length) and why?
    As for the RECI tube I will order from Shenhui or somewhere else.

    Thank you
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