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  1. Hello Joe.
    Quick Question?
    About to order a T45. I am going fairly bare bones, if you can call a Martin bare bones.
    Getting 7.5 hp, tersa, waxilit, central lube. Do you think i need the Variable feed speed for an extra 2k? I do do a lot of highly figured wood.
    Is your’s variable speed?
    John Sincerbeaux
    Havent skied yet. Slim pickins in Utah☹️
  2. Hi John
    If you have arranged a visit they will probably take you to the Wagner woodworking shop. Of course you want to see the Martin museum. Ottobeuren is a small village and Martin usually has a couple local hotels they use that are nice at least by my standards. If you tire of the heavy German food there is a really good Italian place in the square. They have a nice outdoor pool but not open till May. The market square and Abbey are interesting. The Hundigger factory is close if you are interested in Timber framing. You are pretty close to the Alps there.

  3. Hello Joe
    I know you have been to the Martin factory and was wondering if you have any recommendations for my visit there next month. My wife and I are flying into Munich and planning on renting a car to drive to Ottobeuren. After that, we will drive to Austria and possibly ski??
    Thanks for any suggestions.
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