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    bobby milam

    Need help with VFD

    Here are the screens that I get on the VFD now.
    1 /''''
    o ''''
    H 0.0
    U 342.3

    The only

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    steven c newman

    In search of a project idea...

    Getting a LATE start, today.....Tomorrow is not going to be a "Shop Day".....closed for Funeral.

    May run the router around, after

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    Mel Fulks

    Value of chair corner braces?

    I think it is important to blame the sitter if it is a fine chair. But if a guest looks like they just left a mining camp you have to entertain them in

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    Jim Koepke


    Looking Good!

    As Ken mentions, easy holding is a way to getting more done:

    The end stop works well with a dog

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    Marvin Hasenak

    New Tools and Techniques? Video

    In 1961 I saw a similar looking skew in. Spain, it was in the market place where a man was turning toy tops. Whne I told my shop teacher about it, he

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