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    Dave Anderson NH

    Time for some levity

    Thread Starter: Dave Anderson NH

    With all of the negativity and political stuff going on with the Covid-19 virus it is time to look at the humorous side of things. Feel free to add more, but keep it clean or it will be deleted.

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    Rick Potter

    Gassed up today

    Thread Starter: Rick Potter

    While we were on a trip last week a war started and gas prices went crazy everywhere. Got back Monday night. Today, Friday, we decided to gas up two cars. The cheapest gas we saw while driving around was $5.47 for reg unleaded at an Arco station. That was cash, credit was $5.67. We pulled into...

    Last Post By: Maurice Mcmurry Today, 9:19 AM Go to last post
    Robert Hartmann

    Garage cost...are you kidding me?

    Thread Starter: Robert Hartmann

    I retired from the Air Force close to two years ago. It took us until now to find the house we wanted. So, I was ready to finally have a space dedicated for a wood shop instead of cramming into here or there as we moved every three years. We have a great house with some land and a perfect spot...

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    Gregory King

    New Mig

    Thread Starter: Gregory King

    Thinking about buying my first welder. Probably going a bit overboard on size, but looking at the Miller 212 Autoset. A good welder or not? I like the Miller line and if I decide down the road to sell it, it should command a decent return. Or I hope it should.

    Last Post By: Bill George Yesterday, 7:42 PM Go to last post
    Bruce Jones

    Tear Drop WIP

    Thread Starter: Bruce Jones

    Okay everyone the progress continues on my new WIP. Made from staves then turned on the lathe. I'm just about done carving out the first side. You can see in the photos some of the hand tools being used to carve the tear drops to a point. The first step is to make ta hole using a Dremel and a...

    Last Post By: Bruce Jones Yesterday, 2:22 PM Go to last post
    Randall J Cox

    what kind of clear plastic to use in kitchen

    Thread Starter: Randall J Cox

    We have an island in the kitchen and the top is made of beautiful, thick walnut. Its so nice, we don't want to use it, nor did the previous owners for 15 years. I was going to make a cutting board to place on top of it of either walnut, ash, white oak or oak to be able to use it. The wifey does...

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    Stew Denton

    Hybrid Workshop Size?

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the great advise that is posted so far. I look forward to more good thoughts, but decided to give an update of what

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    Paul F Franklin

    Switching From Standard To Self Closing Hinges

    The grass tiomos series hinges have three adjustable self closing force settings which makes it easy to compensate for door size and weight. I usually

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    Maurice Mcmurry

    Blueberry time in TN!

    I picked wild Blackberries. I got enough berries for a small pie, and enough ticks for a large casserole. Those blueberries are lovely! We hope to have

    Maurice Mcmurry Today, 10:53 AM Go to last post
    Maurice Mcmurry

    Capital One Shopping

    I just received an invite to join Capital One Shopping too. I have not joined or read up on it yet. I suspect one catch will be getting advertising emails

    Maurice Mcmurry Today, 10:42 AM Go to last post
    Ronald Blue

    And POOF! It Was Gone!

    I'm not attacking the moderators. They do a good job. I'm sure there was probably a discussion held behind the scenes about the thread. I have been involved

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