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    MIchael Koesters

    Rigid Oscillating Belt Sander

    Thanks again for all of your suggestions. As far as dust collection goes, I use a small dust port, attached to the table top by the small thumbscrew

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    ken hatch

    A Friend From Work


    As you know back in the day there was almost nothing to guide, few mags, no internet or even stores with helpful clerks. If your daddy

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    ken hatch

    A Friend From Work


    I agree with Mel, wonderful story. It is good to have and be a good neighbor.


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    Steven Todorow

    New delta 36-725 blade guard issues

    So i recently bought a table saw my first one as my first post here.

    But I am having some issues with the blade guard or I think they are

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    Steve Eure

    Dear Rob Lee - Website Fix Date?

    Apparently their web designer is the same idiots that have done Lowes. Can't find anything remotely what you are looking for unless you first have the

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