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    jack duren

    Professionals given no credit on forums..

    Thread Starter: jack duren

    Says it all.. I was yelled at for two years in 1983-1985. Got hurt in 1985 on the table saw . Changed jobs and finally work myself up to a foreman..Did this for 37 years. Was on another forum and was told they do not recognize professionals . What does that mean? I did kitchen cabinetry for...

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    Kane Bragg

    Grizzly Premium Hand Planes?

    Thread Starter: Kane Bragg

    In market for first #5 hand plane. Internetting and YouTubing all the options - Stanley, WoodRiver, Lie-Nielsen, Veritas, Kunz, TayTools, Jorgensen, Quangsheng, and finally, Grizzly. I have no interest in scouring eBay or antiquing for a used option to restore. A buddy gave me 5 old planes and I’m...

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    Patty Hann

    Wendy's to try "Dynamic Pricing"

    Thread Starter: Patty Hann

    This is a verbatim cut-and-paste from CBS news: Patrons of Wendy's may soon pay varying prices for their burgers, as the fast-food chain intends to bring Uber-like surge pricing to its menu. "As early as 2025, we plan to test a number of features such as AI-enabled menu changes and...

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    Dave Fritz

    cell phone support

    Thread Starter: Dave Fritz

    I have an iPhone 7 plus. The Apple support app will not load because you have to have ios 16 or higher to do so. I have 15.7.9 so it won't load. I'm wondering if those of you that use android phones have built in obsolesce also? I really like this phone and don't see a need to change.

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    Alan Lightstone

    How to bend wood like this - Outdoor furniture project

    Thread Starter: Alan Lightstone

    Looking for a new project to do. I've been spending a few months upgrading the workshop / fixing minor annoyances, and really need to actually build something. I ran across this in a magazine ad. The furniture is supposedly solid teak, though I don't think that will be in the cards for...

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    Derek Cohen

    Dining room carver chairs - Take 2

    Thread Starter: Derek Cohen

    About a month ago I began a thread about designing and building two carver chairs to accompany the 6 bentwood chairs we have owned for the past 40 years. The chairs were purchased all those years ago along with a table, which is around 200 years old. We need a larger table, and time has come to...

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