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    Alan Lightstone

    New Workshop - Need lots of good advice

    Thread Starter: Alan Lightstone

    We've just purchased a new home, and one that presents a great opportunity to design a workshop with a relatively clean slate in a great space. The home we are purchasing is near the beach, so is built up to withstand hurricanes. In fact, it's built to withstand Cat 5 hurricanes, and is easily...

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    Jesse Brown

    Cabinet saw or slider for a hobbyist?

    Thread Starter: Jesse Brown

    My contractor saw is a nice saw, but it has a few shortcomings that bug me: It won't cut clean bevels. I once spent an entire Saturday trying to shim it before convincing myself that it's a design limitation Cross-cutting panels can be clumsy I find it to be underpowered sometimes I...

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    Ken Fitzgerald

    Bench chisels?

    Thread Starter: Ken Fitzgerald

    The current chisels I am using I bought over 30 years ago in a hardware store in a Chicago suburb. I'm in the market for a new set of bench chisels. I can't justify a really expensive set but would like to have some reasonable quality chisels. I'm not a hand tool expert so I'd like some opinions on...

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    Larry Foster

    Why does my pocket hole joinery ?

    Thread Starter: Larry Foster

    I've had a Kreg K4 for a number of years and only use it occasionally. However, I can't recall one successful joint that I have ever made. For example, my latest failure was to build a gate for my chicken fence. I used furring strips and tried to make it sort of like a cabinet face frame. ...

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    Jerry Olexa

    What has happened at Popular Woodworking magazine?

    Thread Starter: Jerry Olexa

    I have subscribed to PW for many years and this has been a favorite of mine...They have, in past, emphasized I thought the traditional, hand tool approach to woodworking and making fine furniture...I loved many of the feature articles by people such as Chris Schwartz, Glen Huey, etc. Over the...

    Last Post By: James Pallas Yesterday, 9:21 PM Go to last post
    Jeff Finazzo

    Is a cast iron router table the right choice?

    Thread Starter: Jeff Finazzo

    I know that question is subjective and there will be a variety of opinions. What I really need to answer is the choice between (2) router able set ups i am looking to purchase. First is the Jess Em set up. The Ultimate Excell II package with all the bells and whistles. Second choice is...

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    Patty Hann

    Drilling 6/6 nylon

    No lathe of any sort...will have to go the drill press route. Thanks for the advice.

    Patty Hann Today, 3:23 AM Go to last post
    Kevin Jenness

    Low angle pocket holes

    Ross, if you keep yours eyes open you may find a used manual Castle machine. I picked up my Porter Cable 552 for $300 . It is limited to 7/8" material.

    Kevin Jenness Today, 2:55 AM Go to last post
    Kevin Jenness

    Anyone have experience with Accoya?

    Accoya does not use torrification, or heat, rather it is a chemical process using acetic acid to achieve a similar result. Don't ask me to explain the

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    Jim Koepke

    Bench for guitar building

    Phil, My complaint about the search SMC feature in the Tech Forum led to getting it to work better by clipping out the www. in the Google search term.

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    Jim Koepke

    Bench chisels?

    One or two of my older chisels had problems with the handles becoming loose. Taking the time to carefully remove the high spots on the handle's tenon

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