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    lowell holmes

    I 'm confused...

    I have Hock Plane Irons and breakers on my Bedrock planes. I sharpen with diamond hones.
    I can get translucent shavings.
    Oh by the way, Johnson's

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    Andrew Pitonyak

    I 'm confused...

    I figure that the scratches are most likely from the blade or from the sole. I will concede that there is an even smaller chance that a shaving gets caught

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    Frederick Skelly

    For Sale -- Knew Concepts Mk IV 5" Fret Saw

    I have that saw and LOVE it. It's worth the $100, if you have it to spend.

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    Michael W. Clark

    Dog Hole Spacing

    I built an assembly bench last Christmas. I didnít put any holes in it or a vice on it. My workbench has holes and vices. When I use the workbench for

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    Jim Becker

    Saw Blade Sharpening?

    I agree with Dave here...with today's blades that are very carefully balanced and have various different tooth geometries, a competent sharpening service

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