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    Dave Anderson NH

    Time for some levity

    Thread Starter: Dave Anderson NH

    With all of the negativity and political stuff going on with the Covid-19 virus it is time to look at the humorous side of things. Feel free to add more, but keep it clean or it will be deleted.

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    Jim Becker

    Shop Build...should be a fun journey...

    Thread Starter: Jim Becker

    I debated about starting this thread now or later, but decided on now because, well...I might forget something. :o As a little background, at our previous property, I was blessed with a reasonably sized, fully conditioned space for my shop in what was originally a three-and-a-half vehicle garage...

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    lou Brava

    OMG Another "which jointer to buy ?"

    Thread Starter: lou Brava

    Alright, I apologize in advance for this post ! After 6-10 months of shopping used & missing out on 1 decent used 8" jointer. I'm buying new & the thing I'm struggling with is a Jet or Grizz. ? The Jet is JWJ HH dovetail I can get it all in (+all day drive) for 2K which includes 450 for gas &...

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    jack dempsey

    Exterior door

    Thread Starter: jack dempsey

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on building an exterior door. The door will be for a small post and beam cabin my son is building in Maine. My plan is to use quarter sawn white oak. The final thickness will be 2". I am planning a Shaker Style door. I have looked for 10/4" white oak. As...

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    tim walker

    First CNC

    Thread Starter: tim walker

    For those of you that are DIY or hobbyists and not into mass production for sale, what machine would you recommend? I am in the 3-5k range willing to spend full out. I have seen some machines where a laser can be added, I am assuming as an etcher or engraver, which would be nice if it works well....

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    Geoff Crimmins

    Move from 15" to Dewalt 13" planer?

    Thread Starter: Geoff Crimmins

    Several years ago I was looking for a planer with a helical head for my hobby woodshop. I ended up with a 15" Grizzly because I found a good deal on a used one. It's a nice planer, but it's taking up a lot of space in my small garage for the amount that I use it. I've been thinking of replacing it...

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    Bruce Wrenn

    Cabinet Trim

    Is it quarter round, or shoe molding. There is a difference, with my preference being shoe molding. Generally you can find shoe molding in oak. Don't

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    Alex Zeller

    Challenging Project

    If you want to try a challenge you can try using veneer. Instead of doing a 'V' shaped pocket and corresponding letters you make normal pocket. I glue

    Alex Zeller Today, 8:24 PM Go to last post
    allen long

    WTB Lie-Nielsen Bronze No. 3

    I have several stanleys with pmv-11 blades that work great. I must admit it is the esthetics of the Bronze that makes me want it (as much as I hate to

    allen long Today, 8:07 PM Go to last post
    Bill Gebhardt

    connecting with PSI Woodworking

    It has been a month now and I have eaten enough crow to confess my ineptness and apologize to PSI.

    PSI did well. I wrote to them explaining

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    Tom M King

    Time Capsule

    Found Silvo catalogs from 1979 on eBay. Thanks for this. Will bring back lots of good memories.

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