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    Kevin Hampshire

    Veritas Pocket Plane use

    Anyone have any user experience with this (Veritas Pocket Plane) small block plane?

    How does it compare to the Veritas and

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    Simon MacGowen

    Bench height

    Excellent observation here. If you do both types of work a lot, you need an adjustable bench (or a lower bench for planing wider boards and for assembly,

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    Phil Mueller

    Resurgence in car-boots and swap-meets

    I just made a purchase on eBay and it was a good experience. I do, however, stick to “buy it now”/“best offer” listings. That

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    Peter Kelly

    Sonos Beam?

    Sonos products sound decent but they're just a complete garbage company unfortunately. The mantra is either accept our ever-evolving TOS or we'll disable

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    Mark Bolton

    Another odd one

    David, I exploded a super quick model I had done to make sure I had the parts in the shop for the holder. Its nothing special like I say, just PVC parts

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