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    Paul Williams


    I would try cutting it off with a utility knife or similar thin blade as my first attempt. I think that is the least likely to damage your work. If that

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    Thomas Crawford

    I've got some work to do

    Man I'm jealous of you guys that can find moulding planes in the wild

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    Bernie Kopfer

    Felder 2020 E-catalog inside

    Unfortunately not a thing I can afford😖. Beautifully done!

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    Roger Feeley

    Love It:

    Nah. It's about memories. I worked as a production welder back when I was in High School. I took a night course at the local VoTech school and parlayed

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    Kyle Iwamoto


    Anything work for you? Just wondering.
    I know it's too late now, but, I bought a pack of 3/8" nylon washers (or what ever size your mandrel

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