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    Scott Winners

    Regional dives

    Fairbanks has a Latin America family operating four pretty darn good TexMex places, and a ridiculous critical mass of Thai resturaunts. If you are coming

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    Scott Winners

    Regional dives

    My last dive trip the wife had a business thing in San Antonio, I guess 2018 or so, we were there for a week. While she was in powerpoint presentations

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    Scott Winners

    Regional dives

    I have a pound of Wilber's pulled pork in my freezer right now, saving it for a special occasion. I have it double foodsaver bagged, and when it gets

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    Chuck Kahler

    RECI W8 180W laser tube issue

    RECI W8 180W tube issue

    Was cutting at about 40% power and after about six minutes the laser quit cutting.

    It has

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    Andrew Hughes

    8’ straight edge

    12 ft Wow that’s cool Mark now we have Rocket science and woodworking together as one.
    I’m still trying to remember the outfit in La that I spoke

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